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24 AUGUST 1913
Tired of Lorries on the Versfeld Pass?
Take the old pass

Read about John
Johannes Paulus Eksteen Versfeld
known as "John"
The First Successful Farmer on Piket-Bo-Berg

Jessie Bucton
Gathered Leaves - POEMS

Marjorie Duncan (Versfeld)
Handwritten history for her children

Walter Versfeld & Alasdair Duncan

Walter Versfeld

Lots of Picnics!!

No more side saddle!

Moscow- Read JPE Versfeld History

Lady Riding Side Saddle

A gem at the top of the magnificent
Versfeld Pass

Thanks to a spectacular pass up the steep side of the mountain to the plateau, travellers are fortunate enough to enjoy the broad vistas of the Swartland and Porterville Mountains.

Piket-Bo-Berg is still an unbelievably pristine environment albeit with some farming activities taking place throughout the year. Flower growers ensure some stunning stretches of proteas during the flower season and the fynbos abound throughout the year with spectacular surprises for those who want to take the trouble of spotting the hidden gems.

A day drive is possible or for the more leisurely traveller accommodation is varied, ranging from camping and self-catering cottages to farm stays and B&B's.

The sense of community is seen in the various projects being run on a voluntary basis to enhance the lives of every person living here and to enrich those who come to visit:
Rambles to spot and identify fauna in the area.
A farmers market where good old country hospitality is combined with good quality products.

A well run Piket-Bo-Berg Residents Association that addresses any topic that could affect the lives of the residents here.

A true community with its most marketable products being its views, infrastructure and people!

Pictures courtesy of Alasdair Duncan
All pictures © Alasdair Duncan

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Jessie Bucton
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